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New Hampshire Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

Although motorcycle riding is a popular form of transportation and leisure in the state of New Hampshire, the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not publish a separate motorcyclists’ manual.

It does, however, provide learners with the Motorcycle Rider Training Schedule, which offers some basic information on training and licensing, and is available below.

Motorcycle Rider Training

The New Hampshire DMV directs new learners as well as experienced riders to the Motorcycle Rider Training Program. The training season starts at the beginning of April and runs to the end of October. The state offers three courses on motorcycle safety, all of which are based on the curriculum designed and developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The three courses offered are outlined below:

  1. Basic Rider Course (BRC) – This course is an introduction to motorcycle riding. It is designed for new riders who have little or no experience. The fee for this course is $110.
  2. Intermediate Course (IRC) – This course is a refresher for riders who have completed the Basic Rider Course, but require more structured practice sessions before taking the DMV motorcycle skills test, or heading out on the road. The fee for this course is $50.
  3. Experienced Rider Course (ERC) – This course is designed for riders who have a minimum of one year and/or 2000 miles of riding experience. The fee for this course is $60.

Applicants are automatically exempt from the additional 40 hours of supervised driving time required of all new drivers, if they have successfully completed the Motorcycle Rider Training Program.

Driver’s Manual

In addition to the Rider Training Program, the New Hampshire DMV has also published a Driver’s Manual, which includes important road safety and traffic regulation information.

The New Hampshire Motorcycle License allows holders to drive both motorcycles and mopeds. The license is valid for five birthdays from the date of issuance and must be renewed two months before the expiry date.

Wearing a Helmet

The state DMV strongly encourages the use of safety helmets while riding a motorcycle. The most essential thing a rider can do to improve the odds of surviving a motorcycle accident is to wear a securely fastened helmet. Studies have shown that wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of injury or death.

According to New Hampshire law, all riders and passengers under age 18 are required to wear US DOT-approved helmets.

Together with the Rider Training Program and careful study of the state Driver’s Manual, we’re certain you’ll do well on your motorcycle skills test! Good luck and see you on the road!